Happy Father’s Day ~ 2018

I wanted to take a moment to recognize two very important father’s in my life. The first is my father, the man who taught me some truly wonderful things about life. He taught me what is to be kind and generous. He taught me to how to be a responsible person and gave me important life lessons; like how to handle finances, how to treat people with compassion and how to trust others. Most importantly he showed me unconditional love and for that I will be forever grateful, because of his love and guidance I am a much better person. His heart is honest and true and I endeavor to achieve what he has done in his life. He has created the most beautiful family that I am so proud to be part of.


The second person is my best friend, my partner for life, my confident and father to my beautiful twin girls, Aria and Alexa! JB is the happiest person I know to have become a father. Papa for JB is pure joy and happiness. I can not express through words how grateful I am that we are blessed with such a beautiful life and amazing children. I am so excited to keep exploring this world with him and to go on many more family adventures together. Happy Father’s Day! We love you with all of our hearts.



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